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Together with Big Fortnite you will plunge into an epic confrontation with zombie monsters which, according to the plot of the game, are called “Husky”. These creatures come in different forms, and according to legend they come from a violet emptiness. The attacks of these dangerous and simultaneously funny creatures go in waves, at various chaotic intervals, and your main mission is to survive.

In addition to the usual battle, unlike other shooters, you can build defensive fortresses! And here to you to the aid will come ability to play in a command, after all Big Fortnite is a collective game. You will have to decide who will look for resources, who directly builds. Periods from the sky on a parachute will drop bonuses that will greatly facilitate your construction.

It is also worth noting the dynamics of the game, in which you will have the opportunity not only to walk and run, but also to fly using improvised means, such as a hyper-umbrella, or a parachute. You will get a lot of fun balancing in the air.

The third important feature is the freedom of choice and action, the world of Big Fortnite is almost unlimited and you ultimately decide what you do and why, and the participation of the team will make the game much more fun and dynamic.

Our developers sincerely hope that getting acquainted with this action game will give you a lot of fun, and make you look at the world of mobile games in a new way!

What new in version: 1.4!




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