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Bugs Looney Toons Bunny is a amazing game for bugs fans bunny have fun looney n tunes

You like the adventures and the challenges so the game of Bugs Looney Toons Bunny is your first choice, you will live a great experience with Looney dash Tunes and the adventurer bug bunny.
Your mission in this extraordinary set of Looney toons is to pass each level by avoiding all the obstacles and enemies who want to confront the adventurer Looney dash Tunes power to complete the adventure and reach the last stage of Looney bunny for a unforgettable victory.
Do not forget that looney of tunes is your hero in this game of Bunny Looney dash tunes, there for you must become the good companion of Looney of tunes and live a pleasant surprise.

How to play Bugs Looney Toons Bunny:
+ Swipe left to turn left
+ Swipe right to turn right
+ Swipe forward to jump
+ Swipe backward to scroll
+ Double Tap to get a skate bord Bugs Looney Toons Bunny

Game features:
+ 3D Game
+ Vivid sound and music
+ Intersting graphic effect
+ looney toons character
+ Thrilling moment, death speed with Bugs Looney Toons Bunny

Items in game:
+ Magnet: collect coins easier with your Lonney Tunes Dash for bug bunny
+ Shoes: jump higher, run faster, jump over the Bus that block your character bug bunny from lonney tunes
+ Rocket: a jetpack to fly on top through the skies, collect many coins With your bugs lonney tunes bunny
+ Mystery box: get bonus to boost your score by double the coins
+ Skateboard: surf on the rail safely & quickly

The most excited Looney Of Tunes Dash 3D runner game, escape from the enemies, run as fast as you can. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump in the sky to obtain more coins with Bugs Looney Toons Bunny, excited slide to safety!

Have fun with Bugs Looney Toons Bunny

Dowload for free Bugs Looney Toons Bunny.

What new in version: 1!