Clan Outlaw Gun Craft Royale Battle


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  • Clan Outlaw Gun Craft Royale Battle
  • Clan Outlaw Gun Craft Royale Battle
  • Clan Outlaw Gun Craft Royale Battle


If you are looking for a first person shooter that actually challenges you with exciting maps, intelligent enemies with high health and damage, the ability to earn amazing power ups, and collect cool modern weapons, then Clan Outlaw Gun Craft Royale Battle is the game you’ve been looking for!

A new law allows people to literally bet their lives. If they lose, the casino legally owns them. In league with an outlaw gang, determined to overthrow a government that had long oppressed their tribes. This was the place where the lives procured are sent into battle where they are trained to kill and trained to die. I was such a victim, but my life was indirectly bid, sold through a family debt that could not be fulfilled in any other way than through my enslavement…

Claim your free daily reward and start off this game with a bang! The game starts off with a challenge to beat the clock. If you are able to beat the preset timer and conquer all your enemies, you’ll be rewarded with a cool permanent weapon. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to beat the clock. You can still advance through the level, but without the goods. Remain focused and jump, crouch, run, sprint and collect important perks as you run through the maps and kill enemy mobs. While you’ll be able to collect ammo and HP in your journey, you might find yourself shooting blanks or run low on health. At any stage in the game you can choose to watch short videos to earn the ammunition or points you need to keep fighting. Conquer the terrains and proceed through the levels, unlocking maps as you go. Battle it out across an old shanty town where overgrown bush and towering trees are the only thing between you and your enemies, then battle it out underground where the darkness may or may not be to your advantage. Two pirate ships will challenge you to fight it out, either hand-to-hand or with a range of powerful weapons.

►FPS fighting skills
►Pixilated weapon selection
►Time challenge
►Loading screen game play tips
►3D play screen

What new in version: 1.0.0!