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Dancing Line 2018

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Change colors and try to get past all the switch color obstacles. Switch Color 2018 is an arcade balance ball & bouncing ball game with a simple switch color approach but a high level of difficulty and entertainment. Your goal is to get a colorful little ball through tons of different obstacles. Every time you get past an obstacle, the ball changes. Show great reaction skills and make the jump ball to match the requested colors. It’s simple? We dare you to try it!

🔼 Game Features:
✅ Ranking online
✅ Simple and addictive gameplay
✅ Lovely Graphics
✅ original sound effects
✅ highly responsive bouncing tap ball

🔴This switch color 2018 game is a challenging endless style game that is fun for all ages the whole objective of this game is really quite simple, Going up, pass through the same color of the character and don’t touch the other colors. The more stars you collect, the better score you have!

You collect a power-ups the ball switch color in a new one, you just have to follow the pattern to cross the circle or the triangle. There’s only four colors on the game every time you change the color.

🏆 This is the best Switcher color game you will ever play.
levels and multiple new game modes coming soon! Please leave a nice review 🙂
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What new in version: 1.8!




Dancing Line 2018