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Introducing a new so called rat simulator is an original and fascinating simulator with an inconspicuous but very smart pet in the title role. You will be surprised at how much this game entices. Feel the life of a little mischief from the inside, go through a full and realistic life cycle of the rodent. Take your time off, the rat is already waiting for you!
What is Home Rat Simulator?
You are literally transferred to the skin of a rat, which lives at home and in the forest. She needs a safe and comfortable mink to have a family and raise her offspring.
The game is as close as possible to real conditions: this is facilitated by realistic graphics and reliable correspondence of the life of rats. You will get food, build a home, protect yourself from enemies. The state of the animal will be prompted by the indicators on the screen:
• Satiety. It is necessary to watch, that the animal ate in time, otherwise it loses health and energy.
• Health. Decreases with lack of sleep, food, collision with the enemy.
• Energy. The rat must get enough sleep, otherwise it will not have the strength.
A rat can explore cabinets, crawl onto objects, collect threads, rags, buttons, food remnants. It is very exciting – to inspect a human dwelling from the position of a rodent – to look into all the hiding places and hard-to-reach places. In addition, the rat can travel through the forest. In this case, the excitement from collecting berries, mushrooms and other supplies is guaranteed, it is also possible to steal everything you need by climbing into someone else’s house.
For performance of tasks, victory over enemies, establishment of a family points are added. The higher the level, the greater the resource and capacity of the rat. From level 10, you can have a couple, with 20 – offspring. The partner will help in the battle with the enemies and the collection of resources. And the little rats will need to learn the skills of living in someone else’s home and in the forest.
8 reasons to download the simulator and start playing rat simulator right now:
1. Convenience of management. Everything is easy and very clear even to the child.
2. More than 19 types of resources. You can search and collect mushrooms, berries, papers, threads and much more.
3. More than 10 buildings. You can build various structures for life and get bonuses for it.
4. Dynamics. In the simulator, life boils. We need to update and improve the mink, carefully monitor its condition. You will not have to miss.
5. 50+ various tasks to improve the level and gain experience.
6. Leaderboard. You will be able to show off your achievements to your friends.
7. Free skins. To buy opportunities, you can use the collected food, you do not need to spend money.
8. Support. Developers quickly come to the rescue with bugs.
Plunge into the fascinating rat world. Spend time with excitement and fun. Good game!

What new in version: 23!




Oleg Titovets