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Tschäff Reisberg

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Elegant timeline to display the trips you add
Color coded duty period rows
A/C type and tail number info
Inbound A/C info
Crew and passenger meal service info
Pilot and flight attendant info including their pairings.
Flight loads
Estimated and actual arrival/departure times, gates.
Push notifications of delays, cancellations, diversions and gate changes.
Sit/Layover duration
Calculates and displays legalities
City names
Country names if outside of the United States
Time at destinations
KCM location and hours of operation
Customs pre-cleared info
When not to serve alcoholic pre-departure drinks
Temperature forecast for the hours of your layover
Bar chart of scheduled block time and duty time
Table of scheduled hours of pay, time away from base, and premium block time.
Option to display times using only home base timezone.
Warns if password expiring soon.
Adds trips to Google calendar and timeline
ETB alerts (paid subscriptions only)

Pairing details should be thought of as an enhanced bid sheet. Pairing data does not update when your trip changes after the bid sheets are out, this includes flights and hotels. In order to keep prices down, a lot of data comes from employee accessible websites. If the websites have glitches or change, some or all these features could stop working until a solution is worked out. These service outages could be significant. If there is not enough interest to pay for this service, it could be shut down permanently.

What new in version: 1.00!




Tschäff Reisberg