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The primary focus of this app is to provide you at all times, with self-care health-related decision-making tools. These are actionable tools you may need as you decide the best course for health-related problems that may come your way.
This app is being developed and maintained by a team of actively practicing U.S registered pharmacists that work in your community as retail, community, consultant or clinical pharmacists.

1. Use the app to rule out an emergency situation. Suggestively decide if urgent care visit is needed, decide on what to do if you don’t think you need to see a doctor, determine what over-the-counter (OTC) measures will make you feel better and have a pharmacist recommend an over-the-counter medication interactively.

2. Hello parents! Use the app to get the dose of children’s OTC medicines based on the child’s weight. Save the name of the medication, date, time, and dosing instructions should you need it later.
Dosing features include:
a. Simple, easy to use weight-based dosing system.
b. Eliminates dosing errors.
c. Eliminates over or under-dosing.
d. Prevents inappropriate medicine use.
e. Ability to save dose for future reference.
f. Dose calculations to the “ml.”
g. Eliminates dose guessing.
h. No more struggling to peel that “peel here for directions” label sticker.

If you are deciding whether or not to download this app and you are a parent, download and keep it because of this feature of the app. You will need it. Trust us.

3. Compare over-the-counter medicines side-by-side. Compare heartburn medications, pain relievers, probiotics, eye drops, cold sore remedies, sleep aids and even energy drinks side-by-side. Know which drug will work faster, better or longer in a class.
OTC medicine labels hard to read? We have read them for you and analyzed the pros and cons of each.
Be sure to use it often and get good value for your self-care over-the-counter medicines.

4. Efficient and action-oriented self-care health care is now at your fingertips. Self-care without a healthcare professional has been mostly a guessing game until now. It was dependent on your apt for medical knowledge, personal experience, recommendations from your family and friends, unreliable internet sources, symptom checkers that pull information from the same data source which makes them bland and not actionable.

Written by pharmacists from the ground up, this app simulates conversations we always have with our customers. First, we rule out emergency room visit. Then do you need to seek urgent care? We rule that out suggestively. And if you do, the app will tell you the nearest urgent care facility to you.
Not urgent, but do you need to make a doctor’s appointment for this? This app will go through the possible causes of your symptoms in a stepwise fashion. Giving you suggestive information to make the best decision along the way. Our pharmacists do this every day. What we did is put over 100 years of experience amongst us into this app.
Finally, not urgent? Don’t need doctor visit? The app will send you to an interactive article on what is available over-the-counter written by a pharmacist. These materials are dynamic, customized to your need and regularly reviewed to make it relevant and actionable by you.

You can now:
a. Eliminate problems that lead to incorrect self-diagnosis
b. Use systematic tools to triage illnesses.
c. No longer have to rely on past personal, family, friends, and co-workers to make a decision.
d. No longer have to delay the real cause of a problem which can lead to more significant issues before you see a doctor.
e. Take care of that stomachache, diarrhea, fever, nausea in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

We hope you enjoy using this app as much as we loved making it. Thank you.

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