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Join the resistance and do away with the Purge that haunts humankind in this unforgettable action adventure FPS game, Skyblock Hunter Survival Games!
Because if we fight, we might lose, but if we don’t fight, we’ve already lost. The Purge is upon us. Their symbol will soon be carved into the chest of their victims. These monsters, hidden by daybreak, will soon assume their natural state and feed their bloodlust as they feast on our brethren. The hierarchies have instilled in us the fear of the night, instructing us to cover under our bedclothes and sleep the danger away, where they believe the monsters cannot touch us, but the rebels know better. We’ve tested a new theory and have been victorious. Our bodies were meant to fight, to overcome the weakness of our psyche, and without the placation of sleep, our consciousness has evolved, free from the reset of sleep. We are now ready to challenge these monsters and take back the night.
Delve into an immersive 3D FPS challenge in this epic saga that combines the brilliance of a survival game with the popular pixel graphics and mixes them together with a generous helping of cool, modern-day weapons. Collect and wield melee and firearm block weapons as you navigate world bursting with beauty and danger. Timers set the ultimate challenge where you have to speed through levels, killing a given number of enemies within the timeframe. Your success will be met with great rewards, but your failure might just be your undoing, for while you may proceed to the next level, you will be without the benefit of the prize awarded. Challenge yourself and earn awesome power-ups by watching brief video ads upon launching the game as well as mid-battle when supplies are scarce and you need the goods to keep up the fight. The world awaits your heroics. Do you dare challenge the system?
-3D pixel maps
-Blocky weapon pickups
-Game timers
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Loading screen game tips
-Setting screen controls

What new in version: 1.0.0!