Volume Control Alpha Audio Recorder


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  • Volume Control Alpha Audio Recorder
  • Volume Control Alpha Audio Recorder


If you want to record an incoming call or outgoing call, please choose the voice recorder – call recorder application.
This voice recorder – call recorder application is easy to use, with voice recorder – call recorder, all calls will be recorded automatically.
If you do not want record calls from someone, please add his/her number to exluded list.
If you only want record calls from some people, please choose an option in settings screen which tell that only record calls from some people.
Then add each number you want to record to a white list. All numbers in white list will be recorded automatically.
After recording, you can Listen to the recording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to the cloud as well.You can set a conversation is important, save it and it will be stored in the important tab.
If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted when new calls fill up the inbox.

A lot of functions in this voice recorder – call recorder app
– Record calls automatically with high quality while you in incoming calls or outgoing calls.
– Organize your call records. You can view list of files with order by time, by names.
– You can listen recordings, view detail information of files such as: size, location
– You can save recordings to SD card.
– Record all telephony conversations.
– Play audio recorded conversations.
– Marking recordings as important
– Show confirmation dialog for saving the recorded call. Ask immediately after the call and set up in the options.
– Lots of recording formats (mp3, amr, wav)
– Support White list, all numbers or contacts in White list will be recorded.
– Support Black list, number in Black list will be ignored
– Set source (Mic, voice call, a video camera)

What new in version: 1.0!