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Enjoy the experience of the Legend of zelda ringtones free on your phone and surprise your friends!

🎵🎵 the legend of zelda ringtones list :

🎵 Bolero Of Fire
🎵 Botw Guardian Battle
🎵 Forest Temple
🎵 Guardian Zelda
🎵 Heart
🎵 Kas Theme
🎵 Kokiri Forest Zelda
🎵 Lost Woods Remix
🎵 Navi Hey
🎵 New Location
🎵 Saria Song
🎵 Shooting Gallery
🎵Song Of Storms
🎵 Song Storm Violin
🎵 Spirit Orb Zelda
🎵 Zelda Breath Of Wild
🎵 Zelda Dungeon
🎵 Fairy Fountain
🎵 Forest Theme
🎵 Zelda Gerudo Vally
🎵 Get Small Item
🎵 Main Theme
🎵 Marimba Remix
🎵 Market
🎵 Menu Select
🎵 Message Tone
🎵 zelda metal
🎵 zelda trap
🎵 Navi Listen
🎵 secret
🎵 the legend of zelda spirit tracks
🎵 Wind Waker
🎵 zelda twilight princess
🎵 breath of the wild
🎵 ocarina of time
🎵 Zeldas Lullaby
🎵 Enter Ganondorf
🎵 Ganondorf attack
🎵 Ganondorf battle
🎵 Ganondorf laugh
🎵 Ganondorfs castle theme
🎵 Nocturne of shadows
🎵 Spiritual stone
🎵 Z tone
🎵 Navi floating in
🎵 Navi hello, hey listen, look, watch out

🎵 make your favorite ringtones.
🎵 Set soundboard as phone ringtone.
🎵 Set soundboard as zelda notification sounds.
🎵 Set soundtrack as zelda alarm sound.
🎵 Set soundtrack as contact ringtone.
🎵 More soundtrack will be added soon.

Disclaimer :
– This is a fan zelda ringtones app. only intended for fun purposes.
– This app is not authorized or created or tested by the creator of the game zelda.
– All the game names, images, characters, logo and other details are not created by us but by their respective owners.
– This application complies with the guiding principles of the US Copyright law “fair use” .
– Please contact us if you have any questions.

This app is a must have for every fan . You will surprise your friends for sure.

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