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Authenticating autographs is a skill. You can learn it and you can develop it until you are an expert at it. However, in order to do so you have to start with the basics... Authenticating autographs 101.

First of all you need to understand what an autograph is. An autograph is not the same as a signature. It is extremely rare for someone to sign an autograph in the same way they would sign a contract or a check. An autograph is more of a representation of a signature, a picture, or a drawing of a signature. It may have some of the same elements but they will usually differ dramatically.

With that in mind, you will need samples of known authentic autographs to compare your unknown autographs to. There are numerous online sample guides, books, and CD's available to choose from. The online sample guides are usually the easiest to work with and are kept more up-to-date than the others so they are highly recommended. Whichever you choose you should try to find more than one known authentic sample to compare to.